A guide to fishing in Summit Metro Parks

Each spring, ponds and lakes across Summit Metro Parks are stocked to provide anglers of all ages the best opportunity to nab a fish. Hundreds of channel catfish, bluegill and largemouth bass join fellow native species like black crappie, yellow perch and northern pike, ready to be caught and carried home.

Fishing is a popular activity in waters across the Metro Parks. More than 10 ponds and lakes, along with multiple river locations, offer a variety of casting spots for experienced and beginner fishers alike. Stocking certain areas makes the thrill of the catch more accessible. Stocked areas include:

· Alder Pond (Goodyear Heights Metro Park)
· Brushwood Lake (Furnace Run Metro Park)
· Little Turtle Pond (Firestone Metro Park)
· Munroe Falls Lake (Munroe Falls Metro Park)
· Nimisila Reservoir* (Nimisila Reservoir Metro Park)
· Silver Creek Lake* (Silver Creek Metro Park)
· Tinkers Creek Pond (Liberty Park)
· Wood Hollow Pond (Wood Hollow Metro Park)

*Fishery managed by ODNR

Like the fish already living in our rivers, streams, lakes and ponds, stocked fish require a clean, balanced ecosystem to survive and thrive. Conservations efforts, like the recent restoration of the Cuyahoga River flood plain in the Valley View Area of Cascade Valley Metro Park, ensure healthy habitats for these and other fish that call our waterways home.

Ramsey Langford, biologist at Summit Metro Parks, manages pond and lake stockings throughout the park district, which are made possible with support from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife, Goodyear Hunting & Fishing Club and Summit Metro Parks Foundation.

The partnership with ODNR Division of Wildlife brings stockings of rainbow trout to Summit Metro Parks in early spring, as well as channel catfish to places like Munroe Falls Lake. For ODNR, this is a great opportunity to support high-quality fishing experiences in areas that are easily accessible to the general public.

“These partnerships ensure a legacy of fishing that continues to create a strong connection for people, especially children, to nature,” says Ramsey.

Ready to fish? Before heading out, visit the park district’s website for guidelines, locations and tips to make the most of your fishing excursion. Summit Metro Parks follows ODNR regulations for daily catch limits, which can be found on their website along with fishing guides for beginners. Don’t forget to purchase a fishing license!

Beginners should consider dropping a line at Alder Pond, Tinker’s Creek Pond and Munroe Falls Lake, which are great locations for those new to fishing. Little Turtle Pond is perfect for anglers ages 15 years and younger.

Free, naturalist-led programs also provide opportunities to learn the basics of fishing. All supplies are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Check out our programs and events page for upcoming opportunities.

Fishing offers a fun, easy and memorable experience. Whether enjoying the sport of catch-and-release or hoping to enjoy a freshly caught fish for dinner, we hope you’ll consider casting a line at Summit Metro Parks!



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