Local bats adapting to beat the odds

Bat houses provide an alternative to trees as maternity structures.

Our Summit Metro Parks are home to some of the most interesting Ohio bat species, such as the endangered Indiana bat and the threatened northern long-eared bat. If you like a splash of color, eastern red bats or the largest Ohio chiropteran, the hoary bat, might catch your eye. Bats use our parks in the winter for hibernation and in the summer to forage and raise their young in trees or structures like barns or bat houses.

Little brown bat
Park biologists explore cave entrances, crevices and ledges in search of hibernating bats.



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Summit Metro Parks

Summit Metro Parks


Summit Metro Parks manages 15,000 acres, 16 parks, three nature centers and more than 150 miles of trails. Find more at www.summitmetroparks.org.